Notice of Understanding and Intent And Claim of Right

Therefore be it now known to any and all concerned and affected parties, that I, ___________________ a Freeman-on-the-Land do hereby state clearly specifically and unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations restrictions and maintain all rights at law to trade, exchange or barter .
Failure to register a dispute against the claims made herein will result in an automatic default judgment and permanent and irrevocable estoppels by acquiescence barring the bringing of charges under any statute or Act against My Self Freeman-on-the-Land ______________________________
Place of claim of right: The United States of America
Dated: _________________________
Claimant: ________________________________
Notary Public: ____________________________

Use of a Notary is for attestation and verification purposes only and does not constitute a change in status or entrance or acceptance of foreign jurisdiction.